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:new:While I will check back occasionally this account, my main account is now active. 

Note me if you wanna go there.

"Sayonara, Mephilez, the 'Mephiles' of dA."

(Well at 12:00am PST that is........)

"A new day brings new adventure...."

Yep, um well in this case "a new year brings new adventure" fits better... ^^;

Well hey, in less than 12 hours it will finally be 2014! I have a lot of New Year’s resolutions I hope to accomplish and I’ll really push myself to try and expand in my art. Now I like to state something, while we are saying goodbye to the past year, I am also saying goodbye on this account. Yes, you heard me right, goodbye; sayonara they all mean the same. 

At 12 o’clock midnight (pacific time) I will create a new account and from here on out, post my pictures/drawings, animations, sculptures and models there. Why am I doing this? Because I want to advance as an artist. I want to become something more than what I appear as on this account. While “Mephilez” has advanced my art skill from amateur to somewhat intermediate, I feel that I have not been able to break that threshold that I’ve been wanting to for the last year or so. I feel like I am held back for the expectations I am to live up to on this account. I am always known as “the Sonic artist” and nothing more, and even when I try to do something new it has little to no recognition and I feel it was wasted. I feel that if I create a whole new account and really express who I am rather than what I used to be, I feel that I will really advance; not being held down by the chains of the past.

You know, my speech sounds kind of like something Shadow would say idk.

Nonetheless I would like to thank all the people who watched me and kept up with me through thick and thin, from the beginning to the end; I really appreciate the support you gave on each of my pictures. I hope that you continue to support me on my new account even though my subject it will change.
Now let me address one thing: I WILL NOT stop doing Sonic pics. I still enjoy him to this day, but I feel that I have other interests rather than the famous blue blur. And I want to show that!
I really want to advance my story series and draw out all the characters; as well as overall improve in my style and be appreciated for it (rather than having it overlooked).
If you want to support me, and you actually like my art for more than just Sonic and, then feel free to watch me on my new account once I make it.
I am planning many things in this new year, things that will even though your mind (and even mind if I can actually do it)! So know that you are in for a treat! Fo sho!

If you have any suggestions on what I should try out, then please state below in the comments. I am open for any challenge (art wise that is~ ;P).  
Goodbye and Happy New Year to all!


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I will say, my new account is :icondigitaldreama:
If you wanna see more of my art, please watch me here.
Since it seems the jerks are away...
Spencer-Quinn101 Apr 7, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm sorry, I just found your stuff. Kinda delayed but I like your stuff! Plus I don't know what your new account is. ^^;
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